What is My Contacts Backup ?

My Contacts Backup is the easiest way to backup and restore your contacts all from your phone without needing a computer or synchronization. You can backup all your contacts with a single touch and send it as a .vcf attachment via Email.

What about privacy? Do you access our contacts?

Since our app works in offline mode, we never see or access your contacts. My Contacts Backup app never sync or upload your contacts to any server. It prepares VCF or CSV file on your device and let you send it to yourself with your email client.

So, your backup files are only stored in your device or in your email account.

How can I restore my contacts ?

One of the restore option is using “In App vCard Restore” button in Settings menu. All of your backup files stored in your device. And these backups are kept until My Contacts Backup Pro uninstalled/deleted.



But always email these backup files to yourself. If something happens to your device (lost, stolen or erased), you will need backup file in your email account.

Do I have to use an app to restore my contacts from vCard (VCF)  backup file?

No you don’t. All contacts can then easily be restored any time by simply opening this .VCF file in the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad mail client.

iPhone or iPad email client can open VCF files and add contacts

But you can’t restore the .CSV backup file like this way. CSV is not a backup a file. It’s just an export file. You need to convert .CSV file to .VCF file.

Is your app compatible with iOS 6?

Yes but Apple added privacy controls for user contacts in iOS 6. If an app access your contacts, a pop-up screen asks for your permission. So you need to grant access to our app too. Also you can manage your privacy controls via Settings -> Privacy -> Contacts menu on your device.

Can I open .vcf backup file with Microsoft Outlook on my PC?

No you can’t. Windows Microsoft Outlook does not support VCF files containing multiple contacts prepared for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad).

But if you enable “Multiple VCF” option, all of your contacts will be saved in the form of multiple vCard files and stored in a single zipped file. And you can use this vCard files to restore your contacts on other platforms.


I backed up my contacts and mailed it to my email account as an .vcf file, but my mail account doesn’t show any attachment ?

Many Yahoo mail account owners report same issue. We think Yahoo is blocking some attachments if size is too big. (or for any other reason) Since Apple does not allow iOS developers to access email accounts, there is nothing to do :(

Please try another email account to send (change from address) backup files or save backup files to your computer via Wi-Fi Download feature.


Can I edit my contacts using browser on my computer?

Yes you can :)  You can edit (delete & update) your contacts using your browser on your computer via Wi-Edit page and “Save” option applies your changes to your Address Book instantly.


I have too many contacts, is there any limit for backup?

There is no limit. We tested the application with over thousands contacts. But more contacts increases the backup file size and cause blocked attachments and performance issues.

I have added photos to some of my contacts. Are they backed up too ?

Yes they are. All photos attached to contacts are backed up in vCard (.vcf) format. But these photos are increasing the backup file size hugely. So we are shrinking the photos to optimum size while backing up. But if you can disable this shrinking option via “Settings” page.

Can I export my contacts to Excel with this app?

Yes you can. But first you need to change “Export Type” setting to “CSV (Excel)” via Settings page. Then you can backup and send CSV backup file to yourself and open it with Microsoft Excel on your Computer. But some data such as photos and custom fields are not backed up in “CSV” format.

I accidentally restored my contacts from VCF file twice and did not choose merge option. So all of my contacts duplicated. What can I do?

You can use “Find Duplicate Contacts” option under Settings menu to find identical contacts.


And you can cleanup duplicate contacts easily using “Remove Duplicate Contacts” option.


What is “Remove all contacts” option is used for in Settings page?

Unfortunately there is no standard option to delete all contacts on iOS based devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). But whit this app, you can delete all contacts using “Remove all contacts” option. So please be careful, first back up your contacts and then delete your all contacts if you need to.

Wi-Fi Management

Wi-Fi Download & Upload

Sometimes email providers (especially Yahoo & AOL) block attachments. So downloading VCF backup file via Wi-Fi is the only option for some users.

You can save backup file to your computer if your iOS Device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad) and your computer (PC or Mac) are in the same local network.

To access backup file from your computer please first connect your iPhone or iPad to Wi-Fi and enable Wi-Fi Download option via Settings page as follows:


Then type the url (on settings page) into address box in your browser on your computer to download backup file as follows:


Please keep this backup file after saving it on your computer. If you need to restore your contacts, you can upload your backup file via “Wi-Fi Upload” page to your device and restore it using “In App vCard Restore” option.

Wi-Fi Edit

You can also edit (delete & update) your contacts using your browser on your computer via Wi-Edit page and “Save” option applies your changes to your Address Book instantly.


File Sharing

Using iTunes 9.1 or later, you can copy files between your computer and apps on your iOS device that support File Sharing (for example, Pages for iPad supports File Sharing, so you can create a document in Pages on your iPad, then copy it to your Mac so you can open it in Pages for Mac OS X).

Since My Contacts Backup Pro supports File Sharing, you can save latest backup file to your computer (Mac or PC) via iTunes.

Please check out Apple’s Support Page about File Sharing via following link. Following guide explains step by step, how to transfer a file from File Sharing supported iOS app.

File Sharing Guide: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4094